Alice Thwaite

Digital Information Specialist and Technology Ethicist, Echo Chamber Club

Alice Thwaite is a specialist in digital information environments and a technology ethicist. She holds a MSc from Oxford University in the Social Sciences of the Internet, and a MA Cantab from the University of Cambridge in the History and Philosophy of Science. She is the founder of the Echo Chamber Club and is she is often called upon to review issues relating to disinformation, content moderation, advertising and data ethics. She is frequently asked by BBC News and BBC World News to commentate on matters relating to technology, democracy, ethics and society. She has bylines in openDemocracy, Quartz, and Alice is the presenter of a popular podcast that tackles various matters relating to ethics and the impact of technologies on society. She is an ethics instructor at General Assembly and Experience Haus. In previous roles, Alice has been Head of Commercial at a technology start-up, a publisher of special reports for The Times newspaper, and briefly worked as a location manager on film sets.