Joss Wright

Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

Joss Wright is Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. where his research focuses on the analysis of information controls and their global development, and on the design and applications of privacy enhancing technologies. Dr. Wright’s work focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to the measurement and analysis of technologies that exert, subvert, or resist control over information. He has a particular interest in bridging the gaps between technically-focused analyses of security and privacy technologies, and their broader social and political implications. In addition to his work on internet censorship, Dr. Wright also co-directs the Oxford Martin School’s Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, in which he researches the trade in illegal and unsustainable wildlife products online.He has also provided advice to the European Commission, as well as a number of EU research projects, on the social, legal and ethical impacts of security technologies. He has written on privacy, social media and online activism for the Guardian and Observer newspapers, amongst others; his work on measuring internet censorship has been featured in New Scientist and WIRED magazine, amongst others. He has also advised the UK Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee on surveillance legislation.