The Oxford Technology & Elections Committee has produced five reports exploring the impact of technology and disinformation on democracy. These can be read online below.

A Report of Anti-Disinformation Initiatives - Cover

A Report on Anti-Disinformation Initiatives

23rd August 2019

This is the first report of the Oxford Technology and Elections Commission (OxTEC).  Written and researched by BBC Monitoring’s specialist Disinformation Team, the report investigates fake news landscapes around the world and analyses a range of measures adopted by governments to combat disinformation. The analysis provides geopolitical context with timely, relevant examples from 19 countries in four continents (with a particular focus on European nations).

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Political Campaigning: the Law, the Gaps and the Way Forward

9th October 2019

This report by Ravi Naik looks into the legal framework surrounding digital political campaigning and the current regulatory gaps in this area. The report also sets out a series of future recommendations for policymakers designed to improve the regulation of political campaigning in the digital age.

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The Market of Disinformation

11th October 2019

This report by Oxford Information Labs examines the impact of algorithmic changes made by social media platforms, designed to curb the spread of disinformation, through the lens of digital marketing.  The report highlights some of the techniques used by campaigners to attract, retain and persuade online audiences.  It also sets out recommendations for the UK Electoral Commission.

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Ready to Vote: Elections, Technology and Political Campaigning in the United Kingdom

16th October 2019

OxTEC’s final report, by Phil Howard and Lisa-Maria Neudert, sets out a series of recommendations aimed at securing the information infrastructure of elections and creating a trusted environment for the democratic use of technology. The report highlights areas for immediate action for policymakers, political parties, industry and civil society and also sets out short-term and long-term recommendations.